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Drinking Water- GWT

Drinking Water- GWT

Our vision is potable tap water everywhere on earth by GWT

Our vision is potable tap water everywhere on earth.

GWT – German Water Technologies Ltd. is funded by the German Protoplan GmbH and the Thailand Intec Solar Ltd. in 2014. Protoplan has a large experience in water production and disinfection as well as in project and start up management. Intec Solar Ltd. has a wide expertise  in solar energy and is well known in the South East Asian market.

Together with German electrolytic and industrial design experts GWT developed the INTEWA-system. Our German

technology guarantees the best quality standard and the most reliable production of potable water, and the German productivity guarantees the best price and a long product lifecycle.


Solar powered, no chemicals and no running costs!

GWT is based in Munich and Bangkok. Our solar water disinfection system – we call it INTEWA (intelligent water system) – is automatically delivering safe, disinfected water. We use state of the art technology

  • to create safe and healthy water
  • to make the system easy to operate and maintain
  • to have almost zero operation cost
  • to safe your childrens health

To assure a quality product though it is necessary that solid and good quality installation is provided. We can help you to find solutions for your local water situation

Water disinfection system to provide safe water

Automatic, solar driven water disinfection system for up to 20.000 liter per day pure, disinfected, safe and healthy water.  It is working fully solar driven, but can also be used on grid or with a back up battery. It is designed to be almost maintenance free. No chemicals have to be added in. It is designed for easy maintenance and almost zero running cost. It is using high technology to make life safe, to keep it simple and provide safe water. We make the water quality visible, the water quality can be monitored by our App.


Where it works

Especially for rural areas the INTEWA System is providing important benefits.

Rural Areas often have no access to public water, and the piping costs would be very high. Sometimes the energy supply is not stable or even not available. Therefore people living in rural areas have often no access to disinfected.

The INTEWA system is providing safe, disinfected water in rural areas, where there is no energy available. No chemicals have to be bought and added in, because the disinfectant is produced inside the system out of the minerals in the water itself.

Benefits for rural areas:
  • Fully solar driven water disinfection and operation
  • Automatic disinfection without adding chemicals – the disinfectant is produced by an electrolysis cell out of the minerals in the water
  • Automatic adjustment of chlorine production through permanent monitoring of the water qualitiy
  • Remote monitoring via integrated GSM module
  • Alarm message to smartphones or control center
  • Automatic residual disinfection accordiung drinking water laws

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