"Eco Economy" evolution towards "Future Economy


Digital info is replacing as guide for human development. Till date ,Humans is guided by other human like parents,teachers,leader, surrounding creations like family ,books,social structure. So .Connecting to own reality is very important for human before choose own guide.

Truth is complete with discovering source of creative light and criminal darkness which is guide to interpret,interpretation,interpreter through sensory motivation, narrative,identity for achieving any objective.Human brain life works with hypothesis and rationalise through validation,connection with surrounding.

All religion,political,human,science theory is pretend to be creative light source becomes destructive force by drive of criminal darkness within human brain.

Darkness born out of hypothesis and get validate with surrounding.Who is validate with Whom? Why it should get validate ? What is objective achieved for validation? Rational (objective subject) ask How ? Where ? it become basis of Imagination with measurement to build own reality in present (When?)

Irrational (faith hypothesis) also ask how? where? it is also become basis of imagination with measurement to build own reality in own time future, past (when? )

Human listens religion and political story,promises by holy leader,narrative which are always basis on future or past imaginative possible reality and validate according to own Irrational (faith hypothesis) environment control system

By way .Fear,Threat,Illusion,delusion,position,frame ,possession,can create irrational hypothesis in rational human brain given by nature. Consider reasons, we have ritual law ,heaven,hell, enemy,hierarchy,education created in human thought process in name of religion and nation politics.

Choice is given to rational so ecological human feels rebellious evolution nature towards existing establishment.

Unrecognised,unsupported,distress,unstructured,uncultured,malnutrition is partial reason for vulnerable human who may become criminal.Moreover, human has misguide superficial understanding about criminality by money,power,food,sex hunger perspective with unknown brain darkness drives in disconnected reality of surrounding life .

Creative Light(digital guide) is Guide and may become fire through threat ,fear of darkness within own ignorance about reality .

Discover source of insight light for own liberation in goodness towards creations of all life and as precious freedom choice to human birth.

Every being interprets interpretation by awareness of interpreter through universal insight to live life wiser, healthier, happier .

Science, Religion,Art, Spirituality insightful sublimes into interpret of life existence ,Integrate with interpreter intelligence,as interpretation of sense experiences.

Position, Profession, Possession, Propaganda may drive any thought towards blurred vision , misdirect interest, stimulated perspective, deaf listening , misguide communication.

Optimistic humanity know that there is always alternative way with consequences and opportunities. Great time to stay on humanitarian planet !!! Wish you every great moments ahead !!! Happy new year !!!



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